Monday, May 9, 2011

Me'ital Trabelsi - "Hu Rav Chovel"


“Eretz Israel” Songs are an extremely important part in Israeli society, as those songs reflect the country's history. Israelis say that if you, as a new immigrant, don't know those songs, you cannot be Israeli. 

These songs are about the army, heros, pride, as well as about pain and suffering. 
The following song by Me'ital Trabelsi is being played a lot on Israeli radio channels today. However, the video obviously shows a kind of memorial service for former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin who was shot in November 1995. This is why you see his widow Leah Rabin as well as his granddaughter Noah in the video. 

Noah (maiden name BEN - ARTZI) became very famous in Israel due to her father who was an officer in the army and got injured in an accident. Secondly because Noah gave a very emotional eulogy at her grandfather's funeral. Until today she has been trying to get away from the image of the mourning granddaughter. She recently gave an interview about that and how full of hatred her grandmother Leah Rabin was until her death. 

Today, Noah is happily married, pregnant and her family name it "Rothman".

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