Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Marching towards Israel" - The Arab World celebrating its national Day of Terror

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“Next year on Nakba Day we will be back and then we are coming with guns !”, this is what a Syrian Nakba demonstrator said to an Israeli journalist.

The entire day, Israeli TV channels have been reporting live from the Nakba events throughout the country and its borders. NAKBA stands for a "Catastrophe Day" when you look at the Arab point of view. On 15 May 1948, according to the Gregorian calendar, the State of Israel was founded and the Arab world has been commemorating this date ever since. Mainly with violent demonstrations and terror.  

This year, Arab terror groups had been advertising a "March towards Israel". Going to the border and storming into Israel. This was the goal, as we read on Facebook or watch on Youtube. Even Israeli TV journalists who are usually left - wing, admitted that the Arab world is following one goal: The total destruction of the State of Israel. Peace ? Hardly anyone is interested but getting rid of the Jews is the highest priority. Only some leftists and the outside world keeps on dreaming about peace but what we have to be aware of is reality. Only one person seemed to be very realesed today: The Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, as finally his people were concentrating on something else but him.

Hundreds of Syrian demonstrators as well as Palestinians succeeded in infiltrating onto Israeli territory at Madjal Shams on the Golan Heights. The Israeli press has already been asking the question how this could have happened. An army speaker, however, claims that the entire Nakba activities were organized by Iran.  

Those Syrian demonstrators infiltrating got until the border fence where they threw stones. In the end, the Israeli shot as a warning and the demonstrators eventually moved backwards and returned to Syria.

The same picture at the border to Lebanon where the Israeli army shot a Lebanese guy trying to climb over the border fence. Hizbollah had its day today ! A Lebanese TV channel got confused when they heard shots at the fence. First the channel claimed that the Israeli army shot but eventually had to admit that it was the Lebanese army shooting, as we see in the following video:

Video Below: Nakba - Violence in Kalandiya (between Jerusalem and Ramallah)


  1. A recent survey shows that Arabs living in East-Jerusalem don't want a Palestinian state, as a majority of Arab-Israelis, and would rather continue living in Israel:,7340,L-4013000,00.html

    And see here:,7340,L-4069149,00.html

  2. B"H

    Most Arabs living in the Old City of Jerusalem do have an Israeli ID card but a Jordanian passport !

    Hundreds or even thousands of Palestinians moved towards the Israeli side when Israel built the security fence and the wall. Most of them want to have a blue Israeli ID card, travel and receive all kinds of benefits such as unemployment benefit, child allowance, pension, etc. Israel pays on time, the Palestinian Authority maybe every few months. When they decide that they don't put the money into their own pockets.

  3. And they want to enjoy their freedom of religion. Look what's happening in Gaza. Most Arabs would never dare living in such extreme religious state, while in Israel nobody tell them how to behave, what to wear, etc.

    Moreover, the Arab nations don't care about a Palestinian state. They just use the "Palestinian" cause as an excuse to bash Israel. Israel, the EU and the US give more money to the "Palestinian" than the Arabs nations. They are behind the "Palestinian" people, but when it comes to support them financialy, it's another story. I read an article some months ago that show that "Palestinian" refugees living in Arab countries where third class citizens.

  4. B"H

    Most Arab countries look down on the so - called Palestinians, as, in their eyes, they are a bunch of wild uneducated and primitive creatures.
    For those Arabs, the Palestinians are just a tool against Israel but none of the other Arabs really cares about Palestinians. They don't want them in their own countries, as Palestinians are well - known as trouble makers.