Monday, May 30, 2011

The Six - Day - War in 1967 and Yom Yerushalaim


This Wednesday, Israel and especially Jerusalem are celebrating YOM YERUSHALAIM; the reunification of Jerusalem by Israel winning the Six - Day - War in 1967. Usually the national religious Mizrachi movement is celebrating the day with the "March of the Flags" from Jerusalem's Gan Sacher (Sacher Park) to the Kotel (Western Wall). Young national religious Zionists are euphorically waving Israeli flags. Hardly any secular or haredi Jew is participating in this march. Besides some PR - trucks from the Nana - Breslovers and Chabad.

When you live in Jerusalem, you realize how important the unification was for the city itself. I am not necessarily referring to Judaism but to the daily life. Today it sometimes seems that walls and separation fences still exist. Besides the by the government built separation wall due to Palestinian terrorism. On a daily basis, Arabs walk around in West - Jerusalem. They shop there and they work there. When we, as Jews, go to East Jerusalem and walk around in Palestinian neighbourhoods, we are not welcomed and many times cursed or being yelled at.

Despite the attempt of Palestinians faking Jewish history, here is a video about the Six - Day - War in June 1967:


  1. Jerusalem is united? It's a dream! Not only Jerusalem is not united, but worse, we all know that in one way or another, Bibi will bow down before Barack H. Obama, and will abandon a part of the city to the Arabs. Saying one thing in public and stabbing the Jewish people in the back is the favourite actiity of Bibi since he is a politic figure.

    Read this:

  2. The streets in Jerusalem will be renamed and the previous names will be replaced by new Hebrew sounding names:,7340,L-4076143,00.html

    It was about time. It gives a very strange impression to be in Jerusalem and pass by a street with a western or British sounding.

  3. B"H

    They have had street names with English sounding names for ages. Example: King George Street.