Saturday, May 28, 2011

Comments from Non - Jewish Sources


Gentiles are welcomed to comment on this blog but without quoting any strange sources such as the NT ! 
I received two comments with quotes from J. and deleted them. This is a Jewish blog and I won't allow any disturbing quotations.


  1. There are also many non-Jewish guys claiming beeing Jewish on mant Jewish forum, but it generally not take a long time to discover they are in fact Christian missionaries. in fact, it's quite easy to unmask them if you have studied a little bit of the Christian terminology and phraseology. What is pathetic is that when you unmask them, they come back with a new nickname.

  2. B"H

    It also happens that quite a few website owners either claim to be Jewish, give the impression of being Jewish or calling themselves "Jewish Outreach". It turns out very quickly that those faked sites are either Christian or run by Messianic "Jews" in order to prostelyze real Jews.

  3. How do they find your blog?

    And furthermore why do they bother?

    I've noticed as well in a few Pro Israel groups on Facebook which also happen to be swarming with messianics.

  4. B"H

    Their main goal is "TO LEARN".

    Learn from Jews some Jewish interpretations and maybe vocabulary. Afterwards they go out, use it and try to prostelyze other Jews by claiming that they (the particular missionary Gentile) is actually a Jew and when he can believe in J., other Jews can do so as well.

    Various famous Pro Israel sites, blogs and Facebook pages are actually run by these Israel loving Christians who donate money and intend to prostelyze Jews.

    Nevertheless, there are some honest gentiles who are honestly interested in the Jewish world.

  5. I think that it's great they show a love of Eretz Yisroel though part of me does not want to ever trust them period.

    How do we know that their interest doesn't have an ulterior motive attached to it?

    Did you see the story on Aish about Korean's studying Talmud?

    I know there is a video on Youtube of a Rabbi from England whom confronted Missionaries door knocking in his area.

    Unfortunately these people don't let up. Quite frankly I find it quite disturbing that they feel the need to openly prostelyze Jews.

    Yad L'Achim does great work.

  6. B"H

    Israel definitely needs support from the outside world but I don't put too much trust into extreme Christian organizations such as Friends for Israel and others. Many of those donation providers are nothing but missionaries with their own goals. They see the Muslim world as their biggest enemy but also hate the Jews for not believing in J.

    In the end, there is no difference between fanatic Christians and fanatic Muslims.

  7. "How do we know that their interest doesn't have an ulterior motive attached to it?"

    Because they say it themselves. First we befriend the Jews, and then we talk about Yoshke, and finally we try to convert them.

    Don't forget that they are convinced that for Yoshke to come back quicky, the Jews must believe in him. It's written black on white in their bible that when Jews will believe in him, the end of days will happen. So the more Christian in Eretz Yisroel to proselytize us, the quicker Yoshke will come back. So don't trust their love for the Jews and the Holy Land. It's not genuine. What kind of love is this? Because I love you, I want to save your soul from burning in hell in making you believe in the false Messiah who died 2,000 years ago and made everything possible to destroy our people and our Torah, and because of him, millions of Jews were killed. You have to be a fool to believe in that falsehood.

    Another ugly thing about christianity.

  8. I also happen to live in a community where unfortunately there also happens to be a Jews for J store located right in the heart of an Orthodox community.

    Honestly why doesn't the Israeli Government seek more funding from the Jewish community within the Diaspora rather than accepting funds from Xtians with ulterior motives?

    I've come across Xtians who assumed that all Jews believe in J. Little did this person know how wrong he was in making such an assumption.

    In Rabbi Kaplan's Anthology there is an entire section which looks into the many misconceptions, assertions that makes up what most Xtians believe in.

    I myself could not be bothered arguing with Missionaries. And I can not tell you how many times I see them in my area.

    It seems that most Missionaries like to prey upon Jews far removed from anything remotely Jewish.

    Our time is best spent learning, teaching and explaining the meaning of the beauty that is Torah and its Mitsvos.