Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stones and Anti - Semitism on Nakba - Day


Last week, on 15 May, the Arab world "celebrated" its famous Nakba. Nakba stands for "Catastrophe" and is expressing the foundation of the State of Israel on May 15, 1948. 

As we all saw, different Arabs tried to march into Israel. There were attacks at the Syrian and Lebanese border. In the Golan Heights, Syrians, Palestinians and Druse (Israeli Druse participate in the Israeli army but are well - known for their settler beatings and any actions against Jews, e.g. kicking Jews out of Gush Katif and their settlements) succeeded in reaching Israeli territory. The Israeli army did basically nothing and, until today, has been criticized in the Israeli news.

The big mistake of doing nothing is already showing its consequences, as the Arab world is announcing another "storming Israel's border day" on 5 June. 

The following video shows the situation at the Syrian border on Nakba - Day last week. We see Syrians, Druse and Palestinians throwing stones and screaming anti - Jewish slogans.

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