Monday, May 30, 2011

How vicious Christian Missionaries try to conquer Israel


The Israeli anti - missionary site "Jewish Israel" published the latest figures on Christian missionary activities in Israel:

The current figures being thrown around by numerous Jewish, Christian, and US government sources are an estimated 20,000 "Jewish believers in jesus" and 150 congregations throughout Israel.

Moreover, "Jewish Israel" is providing its readers with a link to a messianic website whose youth is organizing a trip to Israel taking place next month. I went a step further and had a look at the main site of those nutty messianics and found out that an earlier trip had already taken place last October.

Honestly, I don't care where these messianics go. And if they go to hell, I couldn't care less. However, the previous tour itinerary reveals a lot: The messianic group was obviously lodging at the Kibbutzim Ramat Rachel (Jerusalem) and En Gev (at the Sea of Galilee / Kinneret). Kibbutz Ramat Rachel is well - known for renting out its facilities, such as guest houses and lecture halls, to Christian missionaries.
Expert tour guides from the Israeli army volunteer programme SAR EL are being announced and I wonder whether the guides knew what kind of idolworship tourists they guide or whether SAR EL knows about the idolworship activities of their tour guides. 

I don't like giving the link to an idolworship and anti - Jewish website but for those who need a proof, click HERE

And here is another proof for how vicious Christian missionaries try to get Jews into their idolworship ideology:

"There are people who suffer from depression and insecurity. We treat them, and gently bring them to Christianity… Dear donors, we can ease the distress and lead people to Christianity."

This astounding confession, signed by two missionaries who operate in Israel, Sonya and Charles Reichenbrach, comes from an internal memo of the "Rea-Israel" cult that was sent to donors in Switzerland.

It was obtained by Yad L'Achim and is further proof that missionaries prey on the weakest sectors of society, taking advantage of distress to bring Jews to Christianity.

Read the whole story on YAD LE'ACHIM !


  1. Here is a website which has testimonies of ex-Jews for J. They are exposing how they were manipulated and used by those missionnaries. The website is called "Used For J", which is very appropriate:

    I also met many of those people, and their stories are unbelievable (one of my brothers works for Yad L'Achim). How far those missionnaries are ready to go to snare people, and more particularly Jews, leave us speechless.

  2. B"H

    Thanks for the link ! A very interesting site.

  3. All the testimonies are not from Jewish people. There are also some Christian testimonies on the website, who still believe in Yoshke after having left Jews For J. I'm not interested in their A'Z ideology, but the way they describe the tactics used by the missionnaries is incredible. These are things every Jew should be aware of because it comes from people who were involved deeply in that orgzanization.

  4. My brother also told me that regularly, messianic jews are printing books where the stories of Jews who believe in Yoshke are told. So, Jews reading such books are impressed to hear about Jews believing in that man. It happens more than once that the people who tell their story are in fact not Jewish at all, and sometimes, they even lie and change the facts to impress the Jewish reader. I read once one of these books, and I was laughting, because it was too obvious that some stories on how some people became "Jewish believers in J" were too fake, and full of mistakes.

    Two months ago, some missionnaries were distributing such books in Crown Heights. The book looked Jewish, as the content. It tells the testimonies of 10 Jews speaking about their faith in G-d. It was only through a careful reading that it became obvious that it was a missionnary book (they use hebrew names, you know "Yeshua" instead of "Jesus", "Miriam" instead of "Mary", "Shaul" instead of "Paul" and things like that). Very ugly. The Beis Din od Crown Heights, when informed, ask people to burn or throw the book.

    They also offer free "Jewish" Bibles, or Haggados of Pessach to show how Jewish they are.

    Those guys must be perverts and mentally ill. If not, I cannot explain how their brain works.

  5. Moshe - you've got your dead messiah and they've got theirs. Nu...what's your problem?

  6. B"H

    Going to Crown Heights and handing out missionary stuff ?

    Who do they think they can get in that neighbourhood ?

    But, as Avi commentated, many Christian missionaries do feel encouraged by Chabad. I have had comments like that on my German blog where extreme Christians claimed that Chabad would do the same and, therefore, a dead person can still be Meshiach.

    On the other hand, I am asking myself how Christians are able to believe their illogical religion.

  7. Miriam did you see this article in Yeshiva World News?

  8. "Moshe - you've got your dead messiah and they've got theirs. Nu...what's your problem?" "But, as Avi commentated, many Christian missionaries do feel encouraged by Chabad. I have had comments like that on my German blog where extreme Christians claimed that Chabad would do the same and, therefore, a dead person can still be Meshiach"

    There is a HUGE difference between Yoshke and the Rebbe. Those who don't see it have big problems in their minds. As the Rambam says, the reason why we don't believe in Yoshke as nothing to do with his death, but because of the way he treated and distorted our holy Torah, proving by he was a false prophet and false Moshiach. Moreover, Yoshke is not dead for Christian since he is "resurrected" according to their ideology (whoever believe in that is very mad). There is no comparison whatsoever, and it's a very easy accusation to compare us with the Christian belief in a dead Messiah. Do you know where it comes? It comes from so-called Orthodox Jews who don't want to admit that Judaism does indeed teach that Moshiach can come from the dead. There are dozen of sources, and they were already used by missionnaries long ago before the rising of Meshichism. The Christian claims are INVALID since "Moshiach from the dead" is not the only criteria to determine who is Moshiach. Wheither he is resurrected or not, Yoshke is a false Moshiach because he accomplish NOTHING the Rambam says a potential Moshiach should accomplish. End of the discussion, there is nothing else to say about Yoshke.

    By the way, to make it clear: I'm not a Meshichist nor a believer in the Messiahship of the Rebbe (two different thinks, because you can be a non-Meshichist and still believing that the Rebbe is the Messiah), but it was already ruled by our Sages that Moshiach can come from the dead. If you don't want to admit what was taught by our sages, right, but don't pretend that this is not what it says. Second, I really don't appreciate the generalization you're doing with a sentence like "you've got your dead messiah and they've got theirs", since most Lubavitcher (even before Gimmel Tammuz) did not and still don't believe the Rebbe is the Moshiach. If you were in Crown Heights before and just after Gimmel Tammuz, you would have known the many fights and public arguments that were taking place behind the curtain of unity. We all know what were the very harsh words the Rebbe used to describe those Lubavitcher proclaiming him "Moshiach". Do you know what happen in Crown Heights on Shevat the 10th, 5753, when Rabbi Shmuel Butman announced a live satelite broadcast of a coronation ceremony for the Rebbe as Moshiach? No, you don't! And do you know why the coronation never happened? No, you don't! So, please, before making general statement like that, study a little more the story of Messianism among Chabad and you will know that it has never been and is not the dominant position in Lubavitch.

  9. "Going to Crown Heights and handing out missionary stuff ?

    Who do they think they can get in that neighbourhood ?"

    Read here:

    The more vicious tactic was this one:

    And more recently:

    So, I don't know who they think they will get in Crown Heights, as they have NO CHANCE to attract any Lubavitcher to their ideology, but they try and try again.

  10. "Moshe - you've got your dead messiah and they've got theirs. Nu...what's your problem?"

    We don't go around trying to convert X-tians. If you don't see the problem with X-tians targeting Jews, it's because of people who think like that they are so successful in their endeavor, as nobody oppose them nor denounce them. So saying "We shouldn't have any problem with them as Chabad does the same" is non-sense.

    Anyway, when Israel will issue a bill forbidding missionary activities, be assured, Chabad activities in Israel will also become forbidden. So, everybody will be glad.

  11. B"H

    Thank you so much for the links about missionary activities. Unbelievable and I would have never guessed that they creep around in Brooklyn !!!

    Moshe, the Israeli government won't issue any bill, as the Netanyahu government has been receiving millions of Dollar donations from Christian groups located in the US. Extreme Christians who love to call themselves "Friends of Israel" etc.

    John Hagee from the Evangelical Christians is supporting Israel with plenty of cash and you would be disgusted who already depends on Christian money. Even the Jewish Agency and Nefesh be'Nefesh. The Jerusalem Post as well as the national religious ARUTZ 7. Furthermore, national religious settlements, even Kfar Tapuach, live on Christian money.

    Are you ready for another shocking news ?

    The Christians have their own Knesset office called the Christian Allied Caucus. See here:

  12. I'd mike to vomit after reading that. They are destroting the works of organizations like Yad L'Achim and others in allowing such freedom to those predators. Do they have mud in their eyes for not seeing the danger the Jewish people is facing?

    I knew money is powerful, but not to the point of accepting self-destruction.

  13. B"H

    Today, money is everything and, unfortunately, too many Jews and their organizations, don't care and accept Christian donations knowing that those donors may show up with their own demands.

    I spoke to some Orthodox Jews accepting the money and was told that it is okay to accept the donation and that none of them would give in to the Christians anyway. Just take their money and let them assume whatever they want.

  14. According to the Chabad-rooted Yad L'Achim, ‘Kids in Secular Schools Don’t Even Know Shema’. I agree with one of the commentators that the first step in the war against assimilation and missionaries, is to teach Jewish families about the beauty of tiddishkeit. If not, all the endeavors to fight missionaries are for naught.