Monday, August 1, 2011

The ABUCHATZEIRA (Abu Hasira) Family together


Already some time ago, I have started to collecting material about the ABUCHATZEIRA FAMILY including all their branches (e.g. the famous Rabbi Pinto from Ashdod). Until today, the descendants of the Baba Sali have remained in important position within the Moroccan Jewish community with lots of influence. Just look at Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto with all his connections to Israel's high society. And, of course, there is the dispute with Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan in Netivot. The self - appointed "X - Ray Rabbi" and his ego to compete with the local Abuchatzeira family.

I haven't even looked up whether there has been a detailed biography been written about the family history. And I am not referring to any Zaddikim stories but about the family including the scandals (Baba Baruch in jail) and stuff. Or in other words: Something Objective.

From time to time, I am going to drop an article dealing with the Abuchatzeiras and maybe there are readers who would like to add details / information. It is almost unbelievable how many Jews all over the world seem to be interested in the Baba Sali and his descendants.

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