Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breslover Chassidim arrested


So far, I haven't seen any report yet on the Israeli haredi Internet press. However, the country's secular press is going wild in its editions this morning.

At least nine Breslover Chassidim got arrested in Jerusalem. Some politicians have already called this new scandal one of the worst abuse casees in the history of the country.

The Breslovers picked up divorced women and their children who had no where to go and placed them into homes. The Israeli press calls the gang "Abusive Cell". Once the women were in those homes, the rape and abuse started. Basically the entire case looks like another Goel Ratzon case. Ratzon was arrested in Tel Aviv more than a year ago because he kept about twenty women and countless kids in his house; abused them and forced them to work for him with no rights whatsoever. He even abused the children and many of these children were his own biological ones.

So far, no names of the arrested Breslover guys have been published but it says that at least one famous person from the community is involved. However, I assume that those criminals are from one of the Baal Teshuva movements in Breslov.

The main suspect claimed that he was just trying to bring Meshiach !

I will report more on the case later on today.

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