Monday, August 1, 2011

Gematria on the “Baba Elazar” Murder Case


Kikar Shabbat” has its own theory on the murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira and publishes a Gematria. It says that some Rabbis were looking for a hint of the murder in the Torah.

Rabbi Yehudah Silman from Bnei Brak taught the following Drasha: 

The Gematria of the murderer’s name “Asher Dahan” is 561. 

In Bereshit 4:9, G – d is asking Cain where his brother Hevel (Abel) is and Hevel answers that he is not his brother’s keeper. 

"ויאמר השם אל קין אי הבל אחיך, ויאמר לא ידעתי השומר אחי אנוכי"

If you take the first few words where it says that G – d is asking Cain and use the name of G – d written in the Torah, 

"ויאמר השם אל קין אי הבל אחיך"

you get the same Gematria of 561 !


  1. Here's what the French religious media reports:

    The murderer of Baba Eleazar of Beer Sheva, said he had kissed the hand of the Rabbi before stabbing him. "I do not know what devil or what Satan possessed me at the time of the murder", he said.

    Asher Dahan, who is in custody, told the newspaper Maariv, "I respected Rabbi Abuhatzerah and depended on him for everything. He was everything to me. I revered him."

    "Every time I left the rav, I felt a sense of happiness and joy," said Dahan to police investigators. "He gave me hope that there is always a solution to all problems of life, and I never thought for a moment that maybe he was wrong. "

    Dahan had consulted repeatedly Rabbi Abuhatzerah about his marital problems.

    "There were problems between me and my wife," said Dahan. "I have often consulted the Rabbi to ask for advice. He told me to do all sorts of things, but the situation was worse. It caused me great personal pain to the point that I was afraid of divorce. "

    After entering the conference room where stood the Rabbi, Dahan has waited until the last visitor to see Baba Eleazar so that he could be alone with him.

    "I kissed the hand of the Rabbi and said a few words after the interview", says Dahan. "A few seconds later, I took out my knife and stabbed him in the chest. He screamed and fell to ground. "

  2. B"H

    This sounds really weird and Asher Dahan appears to be a real nut. Why does everyone has this idea of killing someone would change the whole world ?

    So, you are upset when a person (in this case the Rabbi) is giving you a strange advice or says something you don't want to hear. But this is not a reason to take out a knife and stab him.

    Go home, be upset, curse the Rabbi or I don't know what but killing him ???

  3. B'H

    I had the same reaction when I heard tha story for the 1st time. There are many Rabbis who would have been killed long ago (Chas V'Shalom) if everyvody was a nut and crazy guy like Dahan. I don't want to be rude, but only Baalei Teshuvah can react like that. "Loving" a Rabbi to the point of killing him after a deception? It cannot exist in the frum world. In the frum world, either we would have been kept our silence, or we would have gone into another community (and spreading here and there some Lashon Hara about the Rabbi in question). But killing him? No way! The only fact that he has the title "Rabbi" is sufficient to calm us down, even if we don't like him.