Monday, August 1, 2011

High Level of Security for Rabbi Ovadia Yosef


Due to last week's murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira, the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, doesn't want to take any risk. Those who now enter his house in Kaplan Street 45 (Har Nof in Jerusalem) have to undergo a security check so that no weapon can be smuggeled inside.

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  1. B'H

    Maybe Rabbo Ovadia Yosef Shlita know a few people he upset recently, so now, he is taking some protective mesures :-)

    By the way, Rabbo Ovadiah is known to give some (gentle) slaps to those who visit him. So maybe he is affraid that a crazy guy who don't know that will take it too personnal and too seriously :-)