Thursday, September 1, 2011

African Infiltration into Israel

The Levinsky Park across the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station is full of Africans.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Thousands of illegal African live in Tel Aviv and the nearby town Lod. Many of those Africans work for wealthy Israeli families by cleaning their houses. Other wash dishes and cut potatoes in restaurants. Even private cleaning services in Tel Aviv employ those Africans and we see them all over the city sweeping streets. The foreign workers, including thousands of Philippinos, all live around the Central Bus Station in south Tel Aviv. It has never been a nice area but now it looks like an African ghetto. 

The media doesn't talk about it but from what we see in Tel Aviv: There is no African without a bike anymore. Each of them has a cellphone and fancy clothes. Some even drive around with electric scooters. 

See up - dated information on YNET !


  1. The government should send them back and renovate all those apartments for Israelis who need them!

  2. B'H

    I agree with Anonymous. But the problem is that the state is more concerned about "What whould the leftists and the goyish nations say if we send them back to their countries?"

    It is shameful and disgusting that the state accepted them and to pay back this hospitality, these people are turning the state into a jungle and a brothel with their drugs, crime rate and prostitution!

  3. B"H

    Unfortunately, this is the case but there is another reason as well:

    Many Israelis and especially certain companies got used to the manpower of foreign workers. Rich Israelis have their Philippina cleaning for them and companies use Chinese foreign workers in the construction field. Israeli farmers like Thailandi workers, as they don't complain and work.

    I have to say that this is a serious society problem, as Israelis are not willing to do hard work. People, if educated or not, rather want to sit in offices instead of picking fruit or working in construction. Although contruction jobs are very well paid.

    There is an article in yesterday's paper MAARIV. A Chinese worker in construction ears 17,000 Shekels a month. An enomous sum most office workers can only dream about. Nevertheless, Israelis have become lazy and don't want to get dirty hands.