Wednesday, November 30, 2011

American Neturei Karta versus Gur and Belz


The two chassidic groups Gur and Belz are members of the Knesset party "Yahadut HaTorah" and this is why the Neturei Karta is protesting. Gur and Belz would work together with Israel's Zionist government. 

The problem is that those Neturei Karta guys have no idea about what is going on in Israel !


  1. B'H

    "The problem is that those Neturei Karta guys have no idea about what is going on in Israel !"

    What's going on in the medinah?

  2. B'H

    I don't think it's because of that they protested. I'd rather say that their protest is related to the violence that took place between Chasidei Gur and one of the Sikrikim who was severely beaten and flew away to the USA. Once he arrived in the USA, he told lies about what happened with the Chasidei Gur. The NK from the USA believed his side of the story and decided to protest against Chasiei Gur, as if the Sikriki who was beten up was completely innoncent and that Gur was on the Zionist's side.

    Miriam, if you watch carefuly the video, at 2:14 in the video you will recongnize a guy who appeared in another video posted on this blog. You don't see? The guy who appear at 2:14 is the deranged and mentally ill man who protested with a Swatiska sign! You remember?

  3. B"H

    I don't understand why they protested against Belz if not because of their political involvement. Belz has nothing to do with all the Gur / Sikariki fights about Beit Warsha but you have to realize: When Gur is calling the Israeli police, the cops act in their sense. The Gerrer Rebbe has an enormous influence and if he or Litzman talk to Netanyahu or one of the ministers, the cops come and tare down the Sikarikim.

  4. B'H

    The relatin between Gur and the Zionists police and politics is simply "unholy" and unfair (unfair, because Gur has all the money and if other Charedi and Chasidic groups disagree with them, Gur make sure that they won't have money at all).