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Q & A: How Christian Missionaries may influence Jews ?


One of the Shearim readers sent me the following question:

Shalom Alaikh. I read often your very informative and interesting blog. And all your rage against the missionaries. In my few visits to Israel, I never came across any of them - or maybe I never noticed them. I always spent more time in Tel Aviv than in Jerusalem. But my question is: how exactly do they try to attract jews ? what can they possibly say that would make any person give them any credit ? I mean even if they in the beginning pretend to be Jewish (like the German woman you mentioned once), what would they say after that could remotely make any sense to a chiloni ? Because even a Liberal Jew is happy in being a Jew, correct ?

I myself am not too observant, but when in Jerusalem, I made a point of not even looking at the xtian sites for the sake of "tourism". I just found that uncomfortable. So, have you known for sure of any case where these missionaries succeeded, and under which kind of talks ? Do they eventually mention jc , etc, etc ... ? Of course the missionaries provide the "poison", but if any Jewish person decides to follow them, isn't it possible also that something was not too right whithin him/her ?

Thank you.

And here is my answer.  Anyone else is welcomed to add his answer except for Christian missionaries ! 

While living in Jerusalem, I have come across quite a few missionaries. They aren't even ashamed of going to Rabbi's houses and once they sat down at a chassidic Pessach celebration. Christian missionaries from Germany who were told by the host to leave his place immediately. Not only because they just walked in and sat down but because they were from Germany and the host was an Auschwitz survivor. 

How are they trying to influence Jews ? First of all they spot out Jews who don't know too much about their own religion. The next step is that missionaries pull out their own mistranslated New Testament and try shwoing the Jew all kinds of contradictions in the Prophets. Contradiction which don't exist but due to the Christian mistranslations were caused. 

Other missionaries hand out little gifts, food to the poor or pretend doing social work. There was a case in Jerusalem where an entire youth club was run by missionaries. They offered music and entertainment but, at the side, they gave New Testaments to the Jewish youth until parents complained to the Municipality.

Believe it or not but I can spend out people pretending to be Jewish very fast. Simply because there is something missing in them what Jews usually have and not because they don't know much about Judaism. 

There are cases where missionaries succeed but there are also cases where converted Jews return to Judaism.

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  1. B'H

    They also influence Jews by financially supporting Jewish Aliyos to the Holy Land. Every year, X-tian organization offer million of dollars to help Jews across the world in their emigration to Eretz Yisroel. They have a lot of charity organizations supporting poorer Jews in foods, drinks, clothes, toys for the kids, and many other needs. They influence Jews by presenting Yoshke as having been a great Rabbi and Torah scholar of his time, while the truth is that he was a nobody. I have had a lotr of debate with these Judaizing X-tians called "Messianic Jews". They influence Jews by misquoting passages from the Tanach and apply them to Yoshke, hence claiming that Yoshke fulfilled 300+ Jewish prophecies, while someone knowing how to read the Tanach in its original language will notice that not only Yoshke fulfilled 0 prophecy, but also that most of the 300+ so-called prophecies "quoted" by missionnaries are not prophecies at all, and sometimes when they are indeed prophecies either they speak for the "End of Days" (which never occured until now, as it will happen with the TRUE Moshiach's coming) or they were prophecies fulffilled at the time they were spoken. They influence Jews by making parallels between their belief about Yoshke and what Chabad Meshichistim claim about the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Their reasoning is that if Chabad is still accepted as being Jewish despite their belief about the Lubavitcher Rebbe, how is it that being Jewish while believing in Yoshke is considered antithetic by world Jewry? They influence Jews by claiming that they are opposed to X-tianity, that X-tianity is Avodah Zarah and a religion which turned "Yeshua" into "Jesus". They claim is that X-tianity is believing in a "Greek" J-s, while they believe in a "Jewish" J-s. They influence Jews by adopting some Jewish attire and customs. I have also witness some X-tian pretending to be Jews whose parents survived the Shoah, and that because of that, their parents assimilated and didn't give them a proper Jewish education. The problem is that I knew who they were, as I had the occasion some months ago to debate with the father of one of these guys. So, when I heard them selling these lies to the Rabbi, I decided to shame them in front of all to see and to expose them. When they saw that I knew them through the father of one of them, that they were not Jews whose parents survived the Holocaust, but X-tian trying to inject their poison in us, they ran and we never saw them again! They have many many other tactics. There are serpents, and if you are not learned enough, keep your distance as far as possible!