Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rabbi Motti Elon is going to Court


I thought about writing much more about the national religious Rabbi Motti (Mordechai) Elon who now has to go to court but I decided to leave him out. Elon who is accused of homosexual activities towards his Yeshiva students. At least two former students are accusing Elon of touching, kissing and embracing them. The “Rabbi” wanted to satisfy his own sexual desire. 

Now Motti Elon gave a press conference and says he is innocent. He sees himself in the middle of a whole conspiracy against him and hired a quite expensive looking lawyer. I do think that he is guilty and find it disgusting how the national religious movement sticks to him. 

However, there is one person knowing the truth, and I am not talking about the “Rabbi” himself; neither about his victims or students. I am taking about his WIFE. About MRS. ELON. She has never appeared in public nor said anything regarding the case. It is, as if she doesn’t even exist. As a woman I can tell you that a wife knows what is going on. You just feel it and it is also a matter of the “Rabbi’s” behaviour in his own bedroom at home. Unfortunately, his wife doesn’t speak and this is why the “Rabbi” may be lucky.

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