Monday, November 28, 2011

November 2011: 2464 illegal Africans infiltrated into Israel

African Junkies at the old Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv

Africans waiting for odd job offers across the new Central Bus Station, at the Levinsky Park.


Photos: Miriam Woelke


The figures are frightening and I have been reporting for a long time about thousands of illegal Africans entering Israel. The illegals are infiltrating into Israel through the border to Egypt where Bedouins squeeze large sums out of them. Once they reach Israel, they disappear in cities like Eilat and Tel Aviv. The latter already has two huge African ghettos around the Central Bus Station. The crime rate has risen drastically, as the Africans steal and deal with drugs. 

Only in November 2011, 2464 further Africans have infiltrated into Israel. Most of them from Eritrea and Sudan. Since January this year, 13,410 illegal Africans have settled in our country. They live with twenty other people in one apartment, work as dishwashers or cleaners and, unfortunately, too many Israels keep on using them. Landlords ask for a 15,000 Shekel rent and this is the reason why the Africans share their apartments with so many people. 

The illegals have their own mobile phone and bicyle market. Stolen items which are being sold among each other. Today, you will hardly find any African not riding on an expensive bike or using a smartphone.

The article on Ma’ariv Online is written in Hebrew only !

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  1. It's not only Tel Aviv! They are now creeping into Jerusalem, hanging out on street corners blocking the way. For the first time I am afraid to walk home in Jerusalem. It is shameful that the authorities do nothing!

  2. B'H

    Long live the "Jewish" State

  3. The same has happened in Athens, Greece. Every year 100,000 illegals enter Greece through Turkey. Most of them are pakistanis and africans and they have a very large concentration in central Athens. They have trasformed Athens into a third world city with high crime. Everywhere there pakistani street vendors, beggars, and africans who sell drugs.