Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christian Activist supporting Palestinians in Hebron


Israel has learnt how to approach suspicious Palestinians. There are areas like Hebron where every Palestinian may be a potential terrorist and start shooting or blow himself up. 

This Shabbat we are reading the Parasha "Chaye Sarah" and thousands of Jews will be gathering in Hebron. If Sarah came back today, she wouldn't recognize the whole situation in Hebron anymore where Palestinians took over a major part of the territory. The Jewish Quarter of Hebron may be a quarter of the entire town. I visited Hebron two years ago and wasn't very comfortable walking around even in the Jewish Quarter. Army checkpoints everywhere and I had to be careful not to enter the Palestinian side by accident. No Israeli is allowed to do that unless you want to get killed by the Palestinians. The Palestinians themselves are passing the Jewish Quarter all the time and may cross the raods wherever they want. 

I couldn't live in Hebron because of all the fences, Arabs around and the constant danger. The mainly national religious kids growing up in the town are tough and much more courageous than I am. 

The following video shows some Christian peace activists coming to Hebron and telling the Israeli army what to do. Such activists from abroad have no idea whatsoever about the conflict taking place but are convinced to show us the perfect solution. The army shouldn't even talk to such people but just arrest and deport them.


  1. B'H

    "The mainly national religious kids growing up in the town are tough and much more courageous than I am. "

    We cannot call it "courage"; it's craziness and fanatism!

    I wouldn't say that they are more courageous than you, they are just more Zionist than you!

  2. B"H

    Sometimes it is craziness, sometimes they are right. I am simply not a settler type but a city person.:-) A city person who is sometimes even a Zionist.:-)))

  3. B"H

    To the Christian Peace Activist sending me a rather confused sounding comment:

    Palestinians have nothing to do with Hebron on the Ma'arat Hamachpela. Avraham was the father of Ishmael and today's Muslims love to regard themselves as the descendants of Ishmael. However, today's Palestinians neither come from Ishmael nor the Canaanites.

  4. B'H

    The so-called "Palestinians" are Jordans, and Jordans are not descendants of Yishmoel but of Ammon, hence the fact that Jordan's capital city is "Amman", in honnor of their ancestor Ammon. For those who don't know their Torah, Ammon was one of the two sons Loth (Avrohom's nephew) had after having sex with his daughters (they gave wine to their father and when he was drunk, they slept with him). From this incestuous relationship were born Ammon and Moav. And the Palestinians come from Ammon. The problem is that people think that they are Arabs just because they speak the Arab language, while they were arabized after the Muslims conquests. Many people from "Arab" countries are not Arabs in origine. You have many of such people in Morocco, Algeria, etc., including the so-called "Palestinians." So, people shoild check facts before claiming lies.