Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem ...

Jerusalem, Jaffa Road

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Something has been missing for a long time. Although I am not the most and perfect frum person, certain things have to be part of my life. Kashrut, Jewish holidays and Shabbat, for instance. For many years I had been living in Jerusalem but needed a change after a while. Seeing something else and hopefully finding my place in Israel. I can have all the money in the world but, for the past few years, I simply couldn't make up my mind where to live. Tel Aviv ? The north ? Jerusalem ? To make a long story short: I have been around.:-)))

It is wrong to compare Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as both cities have their own unique character. I love both cities and if there was a way, I would rent two apartments. One in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem. Wherever my mood goes, I could go. Unfortunately, this solution would be too expensive and although I won't face any financial problems for the time being, I have to make up my mind.

As I am having a few changes in my live, I decided that I also need a new place to live. A bit larger than my present tiny expensive place. When you look around in Tel Aviv, prices make you faint. Even for the size of a phone booth, landlords demand a fortune. With a friend I just looked on the Internet and we found a place for 1000 Shekels. Unbelievable but when we saw the picture of that place, we almost fainted. It was a rat hole and people are not even ashamed offering the place together with a photo on the Internet.

The question is: Where do I feel comfortable most ?
The problem is: I don't have an answer. I love two cities and feel at home in both. 

However, the best Shabbat feeling ever, you only find in Jerusalem. There is nothing better than breathing Friday afternoon's atmosphere at the Machane Yehudah Market right before Shabbat. The CD shop playing "Shalom Aleichem" and the blond full of make - up woman screaming "Borekas Cham, Borekas Cham - Hot Borekas" (small stuffed pies). This all is unique and Tel Aviv has no Shabbat atmosphere whatsoever. 

Secondly, I miss going to all the Mea Shearim Tishes, as Bnei Brak is not the same. Of course, Bnei Brak has something and I will continue going there and discovering the city in detail. Nevertheless, I must admit that I miss certain friends from Jerusalem, the atmosphere and many other things around.

On the other hand, I prefer the Tel Aviv mentality, the freedom, and experiencing other things. Tel Aviv is cosmopolitan and Jerusalem is a village. Too many Haredim in Jerusalem ? Sometimes the city does feel like a ghetto. 

To make another long story short: I have decided to move back to Jerusalem which is a huge challenge during the winter. Jerusalem is freezing cold in the evenings whereas in Tel Aviv, winters are relatively mild. 

That's my decision for now and I do look forward to Jerusalem. Despite the fact that I will miss Tel Aviv like hell but, fortunately, there are enough buses around !


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  2. Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.