Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bedouin Human Organ Trafficking


It is well - known that various Bedouin clans demand thousands of Dollars from Africans who want to cross the Egyptian border to Israel. African women are being raped and sold into prostitution to other Bedouin clans and once the women become useless, they are being send to Israel. 

One of my German readers informed me that also human organ trafficking is playing an important role in the Sinai. The Bedouins are big in business. However, this doesn't mean that Israel must recognize thousands of illegal Africans crossing its borders as refugees. It is not our country having to solve the problem but international human aid organizations as well as the UN. Where are they ? Apparently no one is too interested in finding out what is really going on in the Sinai.

When the illegal Africans finally arrive in Israel, many of them, once again, become slaves. Slaves of the Israeli economy using them as cheap labour. Especially the hotel industry in Eilat and at the Dead Sea where Africans are scrubbing floors for hardly any many. They have become a booming industry for the Israeli economy exploiting them. And as our prime minister Netanyahu is very well acquainted with business leaders, he will do nothing in order to prevent more Africans to cross the border.

Links about human organ trafficking in the Sinai:

Report with graphic CNN Video

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