Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kosher Pork Taste


Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Jonah Metzger announced that a new kind of goose liver tastes like pork. Various secular Jews eating pork are now able to replace their non - kosher habit by a kosher choice. 

Jew are not allowed to eat pork, as the Torah commands us and I simply don't understand why there are Jews who are desperately looking for pork and its taste. There are so many other things to eat; why pork ? 

Most of my colleagues in Tel Aviv eat pork which they buy at the local non - kosher supermarket chain "Tiv Ta'am". When I asked them why they feel like eating pork they told me that the meat has more taste than other kinds of meat. I doubt whether they would replace their pork meal by a piece of goose liver. 

I guess that various Jews are attracted by the forbidden or just want to be like all the other nations. They don't understand the reason why Jews should be different from the nations.


  1. B'H

    Unfortunately, knowing the Israeli mentality, they won't replace theor pork with that goose liver as, like you said, they are attracted by the forbidden or just want to be like all the other nations. So that goose liver will be one more choice, but not an alternative to pork.

  2. B"H

    Such a Chillul Hashem. Why would anyone want to eat foie gras? Let alone treif foods!!

    I certainly won't be one of them. But as for your colleagues..there are so many kosher meat options it's a matter of being able to cook a variety of dishes with them.

    Gut Shabbos

  3. B"H

    My colleagues won't change their eating habits and so won't other secular Israelis. I was told that pork is not that cheap at Tiv Ta'am, the goose liver may be even more expensive.

  4. I live in Tel-Aviv, and my experience is quite different: Virtually all secular Israelis have a strong stigma against pork and won't it, even if they don't keep kosher. Also, most non-kosher restaurants don't sell it (the ones that do don't use the word "pork" but "white meat"). Furthermore, Tiv Ta'am is the only supermarket chain that does - none of the others (including the ones opened on Shabbat) does. Which comes to show that secular Israelis are not that endeavored by the "forbidden fruit" (or meat) as you make it seem. In short, it's not that black and white (meat).

  5. B"H

    It is true what you are saying but there still is a market for pork. Maybe more for Russians than born Israelis but, unfortunately, many Israelis want to try out the forbidden.