Monday, November 14, 2011

"Jewish News 1" praising Missionary Bikers


Shame on the new "Jewish" TV channel JEWISH NEWS 1 !!! 

The channel, founded by wealthy Russian Jews, wants to be as important to the Jewish world as Al Jazeera is to the Arab world. "Jewish News 1" started with nice reports and plenty of my German readers like it. However, one of the latest news reports is about a Evangelical Christian biker tour in Israel. In case "Jewish News 1" doesn't know: Evangelical Christians intend to prostelyze Jews to idol - worship.

The report is a disgrace for "Jewish News 1" and anyone else connected to supporting the evil missionary tour.

If I find out that the TV channel accepts Christian donations, this will be the end of taking over its videos !


  1. B'H

    Pathetic! It's like praising Hitler Yimach Shemo!

    Sorry for the comparison but it's the same. Hitler Yimach Shemo tried to kill us physically, while X-tian evangelist are trying to kill us spiritually!

    Shame on all those who praise our ennemies! Shame on all those who don't see and don't understand what's wrong with X-tian evangelist and X-tian "love" for Israel and the jewish people! Their love is a poison! They befriend you to better murder you and catch you in their nets of Avodah Zarah! Which kind of love is this?

  2. B"H

    You know what really upsets me:

    Something Jewish is opening its gates and you think "WOW, finally the Jews are also making a step !"

    However, after a short while you find out that the company / website / channel or whatever is not only in Jewish hands but that suddenly also Christians are being involved.

    I heard that the national religious news site ARUTZ 7 is getting plenty of donations from extreme Christian organizations. And now look at their website: From time to time they publish absolutely Christian articles

    and even I got complaints from my readership asking why ARUTZ 7 reports about Christians.

    Now we seemingly have a new case with JWISH NEWS 1.

  3. B'H

    What you said reminds me about a commentary on this week's Parsha:

    It's written in this week's Parsha: ""And they called to Rivkah and said to her, “Will you go with this man?” And she said, “I will go.” (Bereshis 24:58).

    The Midrash (Yalkut Tehillim 795) says that Hashem took Israel out of
    Egypt as a reward for the deeds of the Immaos: Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah. For each of the Immaos, it mentions a great deed that she did, and when it comes to Rivka, it says because she said, ‘I will go.’ What is the connection between
    Rivka’s willingness to go to marry Yitzchak and the Exodus from Egypt?

    On the words “I will go,” Rashi comments, “On my own, even if you do not want.” Lavan was willing to let Rivka go; he had already told Eliezer, “We cannot speak to you evil or good. Behold, Rivka is before you, take her and go, and let her be a wife to your master’s son, as Hashem spoke.” But Rivka realized that when a wicked man gives something or accomplishes something, he has a certain power over it. When one receives a gift from another, he becomes obliged to the giver. Rivka’s marriage to Yitzchak was destined to give rise to the entire Jewish people. She did not want Lavan to play any role in this great accomplishment. Therefore, she said, “I want to go on my own, even if you don’t want.”

    In this vein, we can explain the words at the beginning of the Haggadah, “If the Holy One, blessed is He, had not taken our fathers out of Egypt, we and our children and our children’s children would be enslaved (meshubadim) to Pharaoh in Egypt.” Seemingly, this is obvious – who would have taken us out if not Hashem? But the answer is that after suffering through the first five plagues, Pharaoh would have let the Jewish people go, if Hashem had not hardened his heart during the sixth plague. The reason Hashem hardened his heart is that He did not want the wicked Pharaoh to have any hand in the great beginning of our holy people. Hashem made sure that we left not through Pharaoh’s graciousness, but “with a strong hand,” against Pharaoh’s will. “If the Holy One, blessed is He, had not taken our fathers out” – i.e. had He allowed Pharaoh to be the one to let us out – then we would be “meshubadim” – obliged, grateful, under the influence of – Pharaoh, even today.

    Thus, the Midrash tells us that in reward for Rivka’s concern that Lavan not have a hand in creating the Jewish people, Hashem made sure that Pharaoh did not have a hand in the Exodus from Egypt; rather, Hashem Himself took us out
    with a strong hand. (Commentary from the Satmar Rebbe.)

  4. B'H

    We can continue to develop the Satmar Rebbe's idea by reading what Rav Avigdor Miller said on a certain verse in the Tanach (and you will understand why now that Arutz 7 accepted X-tian money they are obligated to publish more and more pro X-tian articles)

    Just as a gift from the wicked
    influences a person to be wicked, a
    gift from a good person influences
    a person to be good. Based on this,
    Rabbi Avigdor Miller once explained
    the meaning of the verse in Mishlei 15:27, “He who hates gifts will live.” The only way to succeed in this world is by exercising one’s free will, doing mitzvos and avoiding sins, and thus earning reward in the World to Come. So the essence of life is really free will; without free
    will, life would have no meaning.
    When one accepts gifts, even from
    good people, the gift takes away
    part of his free will, because he is now under the influence of the
    giver. So, only someone who hates
    gifts will have true life.

    All those Jews accepting X-tian money should think about the Satmar Rebbe's and Rav Avigdor Miller's commentary!

  5. B"H

    I can tell you something from my own experience:

    So far, No one has ever offered me 1 Shekel / 1 Dollar donation for any of my blogs ! I don't ask for it and people don't do it. Fine !

    It may sound crazy but I feel that G - d is just now providing me with an award for all my work. Sometimes it pays even more when you stick to your principles.