Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Every week, 620 illegal Africans stream into Israel


Shocking figures but our government still refuses to act. 620 illegal Africans keep on streaming into Israel every week. Last week, the amount jumped and 950 Africans were crossing the border between Egypt and Israel. Criminal Beduin gangs demand high amounts of cash from the Africans who want to infiltrate into Israel. These Africans mostly come from Eritrea and the Sudan.So far, our government hasn't been doing too much, as the Africans are cheap labour for the hotel industry in Eilat or at the Dead Sea. Hotel managers have threatened the Netanyahu government in the past not to deport the illegal workers, as, in this case, the hotels would shut. Israeli labour has become too expensive and the Africans are just being used.

Yesterday I went to the Tel Aviv neighbourhood “Shechunat HaTikvah” and was shocked to see how many Africans live there. The whole neighbourhood is loaded with Africans and even the press admits that the Sudanese have taken over two more Tel Aviv neighbourhoods (Ezra and the area around the Central Bus Station). 

Tel Aviv's landlords like to accept foreign workers, as from them, they can demand even more rent. Double price because Philippinos and Africans live in crowded rooms. Five or six people squeezed into a room means cheap rent for each tenant.

However, the majority of the Africans are criminals. Drug addicts, thieves, organizing drug traffic as well as prostitution. The Africans don't fit into Israeli society and have no intention whatsoever to adjust. When you look around decide the rules.

After my Shechunat HaTikvah visit, I took a bus to Jerusalem and only returned to Tel Aviv at midnight.  At that hour, no more local bus was around and I had to catch a Sherut taxi. The Sherut I needed was not leaving from the Central Bus Station but from further away. Thus I had to take a ten minutes walk crossing the Levinsky Park. The Park was full of sleeping Africans covered with their blankets. One African drug addict came along and wanted to steal my cellphone. However, he was too stoned and I just kept on walking. Next to the Sherut taxi, two African prostitutes were beating each other.

This is the kind of people streaming into Israel.

Between the Central Bus Station and the nearby Shechunat HaTikvah 

Entrance to Shechunat HaTikvah

Finn (Pinn) Street between the new and the old Central Bus Station: Almost 100 % under African control. 

Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. So are the Ethiopians! They get imported into Israel and are not Jewish and sent into Jewish schools in bus loads to learn Judaism among Jews! They are given special attention and can do no wrong! They are cheap IDF labor!

  2. B'H

    And among those so-called Jewish Ethiopians, many are indeed X-tians and practiced X-tianity in Ethiopia. Many of them pretended to be Jewish to emigrate to Israel and avoid the misery in their native country. I wonder WHY Rabbi Ovadia Yosef recognized them as being Jewish! And I'm quite sure at 100% that the Rabbi and Shas are regreting and are seeing that they made a mistake, but it's too far! What led me to that conclusion? The fact that even in Sephardic schools, Ethiopian kids are not admitted! Recently, they even asked to be admitted in Chabad schools thinking that at least Chabad will accept them as Chabad accept every Jew without any discrimination. Yes, they were right: Chabad accept every REAL Jew without discrimination, and that's why even Chabad didn't accept them! They are not Jewish, or at least, there is a BIG doubt about their Jewishness, as many (most?) of them intermarried with X-tian and Muslim Ethiopians, and that even in their story about being descendants of King Solomon, there are many many doubts about its accuracy. Moreover, even if it was proven that they were the children of King Solomon and the Queen of Saba, they cannot be considered Jewish as the Queen of Saba was NOT Jewish. Incidently, in this week's Parsha which speaks about Sarah's death, it is said that after her death, Avraham married other women and had children with them. And as you know, NONE of his children he had with those un-Jewish women were considered Jewish. Even Yishmael, the son he had with Hagar was not Jewish. Only Yitschok, the son he had with Sarah was considered Jewish. So, their ancestral mother (the Queen of Saba according to their "tradition") being a non-Jewish woman, they are definitely non-Jews!

  3. B"H

    I think you are talking about the Chabad school in Petach Tikvah refusing to accept the Ethiopians. SHASS didn't want them and sent them to Chabad, as Chabad is known for accepting anyone. Every Jew but most of the Ethiopians are not Jewish at all. The majority intermarried and no one can say who is who. Especially now with all the Falash Mura coming who are true Christians.