Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The xmas business in Israel


The month of Kislev has just begun and maybe I should write something more positive. Publishing the following story doesn't mean that I am negative. I am definitely not but I think that Jews should know what is going on in our country. We have to become more aware of our Jewish identity but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many secular Israelis love pretending to be just like the other nations. They are sick of Judaism and Rabbis telling them about a Jewish soul and all this religious stuff. "Let us be like all the others and thus kill anti - Semitism !"
The only thing is that anti - Semitism will always exist. Until Meshiach comes and there is nothing what Jews can do. Even if they think celebrating xmas and having a tree would bring them closer to the nations. 

xmas is coming up and, while passing Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station yesterday, I noticed all those annual stands selling xmas items. Santas, trees and all kinds of other Kitsch. These stands are mainly run by Russians and it is Russians buying the products as well as Philippinas working in Israel. On the other hand, many Israeli Jews come and buy. Hundreds of Israelis like celebrating xmas claiming not to celebrate the actual xtian event but enjoying a cozy atmosphere and the decorated tree. No one wants to hear about idol - worship but people see it as a nice event with good food, without any religion involved. But have a look for yourself:

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station: The annual xmas market taking place.

Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. B'H

    Concerning Jews who celebrate X-mas and who buy x-mas trees, you should read Jeremiah Chapter 10, and you will be amazed, especially with verses 3 and 4. Believe me, it is worth the reading!

  2. B'H

    This is why I love reading Torah. Because even events that are happening at our time were already written in the Torah. People thinks that it's an old text irrelevant fro our time, but the opposite is true. If they knew all the things we can discover in it, people would have more respect for our Holy Torah. If you need to have an answer on current events, etc., just open a book of the Tanakh, and you'll see the answer. In this case, the Torah is clear: X-mas and X-mas trees are UNKOSHER and AVODAH ZARAH!

  3. B"H

    What a Chillul Hashem.

    It is truly heartbreaking that other Jews feel the need to mimic the ways of the other nations.

    Yes living here in the Diaspora means I'll have to put up with all of this nonsense for a few more weeks but that does not mean I need to go out and buy a tree myself.

    Anti-Semitism is everywhere. if they want to experience Anti-Semitism.. visit the Diaspora and see first hand what we endure.

  4. An even absurder variant of the above are Haredim dressed up as Santa (on Purim) or decorating their Sukkah with Xmas-decoration (on Sukkoth). You wrote about this yourself:

    Just comes to show that often, the transgression is based on ignorance, rather than on willing sinning.

    By the way: What is your take on the Chassidic "Nitel"-celebration (=anti-Xmas)?

  5. B"H

    I don't think it has anything to do with ignorance but the family on the photo wearing Santa costumes simply didn't know. Growing up in strict haredi areas doesn't introduce you too much to the outside world and I know plenty of people in Mea Shearim who have never heard about Elvis Presley either.

    I think that Nittel Nacht is a very interesting idea and it makes sense fighting sparks from the negative side. Kabbalistically speaking, Nittel Nachts is a great invention but, on the other hand, I don't take the false Jewish Meshiach J. as that important. He himself may be shocked seeing what the non - Jewish world did to him and how they use his name. :-))))


  6. B'H

    I have seen people in Mea Shearim wearing Zionist Police attire also on Purim. So, I don't think that it's because of ignorance that some wear X-mas attire (eventhough there is no doubt that most people in MS never heard about X-mas), but simply because it's in the "spirit" of Purim to be, for one day, someone you would never dare being during the rest of the year, while the Israelis and Secular Jews all over the world CELEBRATE it and give it significance (while knowing that it's A'Z). So, it's not comparable.