Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mermaids and other half - human beings


Don't we love those movies where a  kind of monster is shown ? Half human and half animal such as a mermaid or the beast in "The Beauty and the Beast". The X - Files as well as other similar TV series have been extremely successful showing us the unbelievable. The hidden side of our existence. I am not too familiar with psychology but there must be a reason why we humans are attracted to "half - humans" (half animal, half human). The question is whether these creatures do really exist and if it is possible that an animal and a human begot a baby.

Even the Talmud Bechorot 8 is dealing with half humans. In this case with dolphins. The mammals have sex the same way as humans. They are intelligent and called "the men of the sea" but are they really like us ?

Rashi does believe in the existence of mermaids although not due to a relationship between a human and a dolphin. Other Rabbis totally disagree with the Rashi opinion and say that there aren't any half humans around. This would be completely impossible after the Flood of Noach. 

The generation of Noach used to have sex with animals, as the Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin is teaching us. Due to a different human DNA in the days of Noach, men were able to procreate from animals. Thus, the entire G - dly creation got messed up, as there were strange creatures running around. A cow half human, half man, for instance. Even the different animal species had sex with each other and procreated. A chicken with a dog and just imagine what came out of that. If we had a time machine and went back into the days of Noach, we would definitely faint. The pure Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hollywood would be so jealous !

After the Flood, G - d changed the human DNA and therefore, it became impossible procreating with an animal. It simply doesn't exist anymore although some horror movies will tell you the opposite. We don't get that old anymore, as the people before the Flood. We are vulnerable too illnesses (the people in Noach's generation were not sick) and we don't have such a long life - span anymore. In other words, we are completely different from Noach's Generation.


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