Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Purim 5769 in Chassidut Vien

Chassidut Vien located in Brooklyn. It would be great if anyone could contribute any information on the white Streimel appearing in the video.



  1. B'H

    In this video: you have another white shtreimel wearer, and if I'm not mistaken, this is also the Vien Chasidic community but of Montreal (in Canada). The boy wearing the shtreimel was celebrating his bar-mitzvah. So, I think, and I will verify by asking to some more learned Chasidim, that it is a special shtreimel they wear for special occasion, like a Bar-Mitzvah, or an engagement, and thinks like that, the same way many Chasidim have the minhog to wear all white clothes on Shabbes and special occasions. You can see from the above video that the shtreimel is too large for the boy. So I don't think they buy, but it's the same shtreimel all the members of the community share among themselves. In the video you posted, you can see that it's the father and his son only who are wearing the white shtreimel, so it's possible that Purim was his son's Bar-Mitzvah too.

  2. his name is shrage blumenberg. he is a reputable "badchan" in the chasidishe community

  3. B"H

    I once saw a Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Chassid wearing a white Streimel on Purim but I guess this was a Purim costume.:-)

  4. B'H

    The Purim custom in many Chasidic communities is to wear a red headgear. You can see it all over Mea Shearim at Purimn and especially in Toldos Aharon community.