Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Edah HaCharedit demonstrating at the house of Yoelish Kroisz


Everyone ready for a great laugh ? Then watch the video in this article. Last night, the Edah HaCharedit was demonstrating in front of the house of the local Mea Shearim Neturei Karta leader Yoelish Kroisz. Reason: Kroisz supports the Jewish "Taliban" women who the Israeli press calls "Women with the Shawls". 

I think it is very funny seeing Mrs Kroisz throwing water at the demonstrators. And, by the way, who is Yoelish calling on his cellphone ? The Zionist police ?

The entrance to his Beit Midrash shows some security guys without Kipot and some are hiding their faces. Police or a private security service ?


  1. B'H

    This man is nothing but a coward. I have lost the remaining very little respect I had for him. I though he was a tough guy, a kanai (fanatic) and uncompromising man. But I see that he has some Zionist friends! All his blablabla against Zionism and Zionists for naught! The very last kanoim remaining are the sikrikim. The true sikrikim, not this coward of Kraus.

  2. B"H

    He has been walking around with the Zionists for quite a while. Well, "Money" makes the world go round. And this is what Kroisz needs: Money and Fame.