Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Haredi World this Week

One of the news: The Belzer Rebbe Issachar Dov Rokeach didn't travel to Tiberias for the Yahrzeit of his father, Rabbi Mordechai of Bilgoraj. Instead he commemorated the Yahrzeit in Telshe Stone / outside Jerusalem. Rumours say that the Rebbe is sick and is going to have surgery on his feet.


  1. Is the Bilgoray Rabbi related to the mother of the late writers Israel Joshua Singer and Isaac Bashevis Singer z"l ?

  2. B"H

    A great question !

    So far, I have found out that both came from the same town BILGORAJ:

    I doubt that they were related but I don't deny that it could be. On the other hand, Singer would have mentioned if he had been related to Rabbi Mordechai.

    As far as I know: Singer's son lives in Israel and when his father was still alive, the two weren't best friends.