Monday, January 4, 2010

Again a Jerusalem Chassid killed his Child


Israel is flooded with child abuse. Not only in the secular but also in the religious world.
A few years back, Israel Wallas who threw his son against a wall, got arrested by the police. Ge'ulah and Mea Shearim's Haredim reacted with violent demonstrations and I witnessed plenty of burnt trash cans. In the end, Wallas went to jail.

Last summer, a Toldot Aharon woman got arrested for starving her 3 - year - old half to death. The trial has begun but we hardly hear anything after a wild summer with violent demonstrations.

In the meantime, the self - appointed Breslover Baal Teshuva Rabbi Elior Chen was taken to jail. He tortured children and escaped to South America while Interpol was searching for him.

The Breslover Taliban mother also went to jail after torturing her children.

Last Thursday, another Breslover Chassid, Nachman Anshin, killed his little child after a fight with his wife.

The first questions among Jerusalemites:

"Was he from the Baalei Arush or Berland movement ?"

Among haredi society, the two Breslover Baalei Teshuva movements from Rabbi Eliezer Berland as well as his former student Rabbi Shalom Arush have a reputation for accepting criminals. Arush's students even more then the guys from Berland.
Child abuser, drug addicts and when you see the Arush people in the streets collecting money for their Rabbi, it looks like some hippies or dark figures have come out of "The Lord of the Rings".

Once I saw them standing next to the Nanas from Rabbi Israel Odesser and need to say that I really prefered the Nanas. Those from Arush just looked scary.

So, where was Anshin from ?
I will ask around ...


  1. לצערי הואלא מארוש ולא מברלנד, אלא מהירושלמיים הנורמליים, אני למדתי בתלמוד תורה, באותה כיתה עם אבא של הרוצח, הני יודע מקרוב שהרוצח הזה הוא חי על כדורי הרגעה כבר הרבה זמן!

  2. B"H

    So, Anshin is from the real Yerushalmer. No one seesm to be perfect and every society has its scandals. Some more, some less !