Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture of the Day

Separation fence (to Palestinian territory) at Modi'in Illit (Kiryat Sefer)


  1. Only hearing what secular israelis say about the haredi public in israel, i don't know about their political opinions, and if what people say about them are true.

    the common things people say is that they don't support the state of israel and they don't serve in the army

    From what you know, around how much of the haredi public support the jewish state and the IDF, counting out perhaps the will to make it a religious state rather then a secular?

  2. B"H

    There is a haredi section in the IDF called Nahal HaCharedi. However, this unit is not even half haredi, as the majority consists of national religious soldiers. So, the name "haredi" does not fit anymore !!!

    Supporting the State of Israel ?

    Really supporting ? I don't know. If you look at it: Even Chabad is extremely anti - Zionist.

    There is the Knesset party "Yahadut HaTorah" with Belz, Vishnitz, Litvish or Gur. Other groups such as the Slonim or Karlin (not all the time) vote for them as well. Nevertheless, the party only sees its goal in keeping the present state somehow religious but the partie's presence in the Knesset doesn't mean that they are Zionists.

    I would say that many groups do support the state but the question is how far.

    The IDF ?
    Soldiers are accepted (maybe not in Mea Shearim) and people do see that they defend the country. On the other hand, haredi society also says that a defense also has to be on a spiritual (Torah) basis and not just physically.

  3. Thank you for your response. Ive been curious about the haredi sector since im considering aliyah and im kind of interested in their way of life.

    Really is Chabad anti-zionist? I had no idea about that, they seem so extremely supportive of israel and sometimes even right wing.

    Is there some type of political agenda within the haredi sector to make israel a more halachic society, or is haredi anti-zionism directed at ending the military presence in the west bank and let the palestinians have their own state, or let them return to israel?

  4. This is an interesting photo, what is the meaning? Is he doing something? Is this an artistic statement?

    Regarding the ultra orthodox views on Israel, I assume their support varies from individual to individual just as it does in the secular Israeli communities. I do think that since they produce more children in general that they are serving to support the Jewish state even non-intentionally, purely by populating it.

  5. B"H

    Here are some links about anti - Zionism:


    Chabad anti - Zionism:


    Chabad, as Satmar, is anti - Zionist although it does not always look so. However, when you look closer, you do realize what is going on.

    The guy on the photo is just looking over the separation wall.:-) Nothing else.

    Until today, many Haredim have the attitude to "produce children" because they want to catch up with the "lost" generation of the Holocaust. A kind of bringing back their souls.