Sunday, January 3, 2010

Typing in Hebrew


For all those who have no yet a Hebrew keyboard but would like to type:


  1. Chen's is simple and easy yet brilliant. I used it for years until I found a similar iGoogle plug-in.

    I was beseeching to include Chen's idea in their web interface but unfortunately they are still struggeling with basic issues.

    For offline correspondence I found that the bidi/Hebrew support in current Linux distributions is the best. There are plenty of tools for the bi/tri/quadrilingual IT professional to make life so much easier. There is even a command line tool to convert dates:

    In Windows it is still a pain to get everything right without installing a plethora of costly Mmltilingo-versions, add-ons and proofing-tools. And yet some core-components in Windows are still not able to deal with bidirectional text. There isn't enough market share to gain, I guess.

  2. B"H

    Mikledet works much much better than Word !!!