Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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I am a regular visitor of public libraries. I spend many hours in the Jewish departments, either in Jerusalem (National Jewish Library) or in Tel Aviv (Beit Ariella), in order to prepare different articles and do research. 

Most of the time, I do not refer to all the other regulars at the National Jewish Library in Jerusalem. I am very much aware that there are plenty of cliques busying themselves with networking but I am not that type; I hate creeping around others and try making a good impression in order to have a book / article published. Even more though, as many of the regulars are neither religious nor traditional. Just ordinary secular university professors or authors. Thinking of themselves as so terribly important. 

One spiritual hippie looking woman who I rather know by sight thinks of herself as very religious. Spiritual (Carlebach and Breslov mix) dressed in those white (pure) clothes and writing prayers for women. About ten days ago she came up to me and asked me to publish her new book on my blogs. Usually she hardly ever speaks to me but when she saw her networking chance, she grabbed it. No matter what ...
She has a new book out and I can buy one NOW !
I told her that I am not interested but she stuck onto me.
Her new book is our and I can have a brief look. Two or three minutes; otherwise I have to buy it but she doesn't have too many copies yet.

I was so fed up with her and told her that I don't recommed books I haven't really read. 
She was offended, took her book and has never spoken to me since.
Whether I had the book recommended or not, she would have not spoken to me anyway. It is all about networking but where is G - d in this context ? Where is Rabbi Nachman the woman had written about. All great historical rabbis seem to serve some people own ego today. 

I just find it terrible to ask for a favour in order to keep your "career" going. However, this kind of behaviour seems to be very common today.

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