Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Pope visits the Synagogue in Rome

Psalms - Chapter 79

1. A song of Asaph. O God! Nations have come into Your heritage, they have defiled Your Holy Temple, they have made Jerusalem into heaps.


  1. It's obvious that you have something to say, and I wish you would come out and say it, in this post as well as in others. Do you feel that this visit defiles the shul? Do you feel that it contributes to the efforts of missionaries (you put "missionaries" in the labels)? Or is your objection something else?

    Wouldn't it be clearer if in addition to the pasuk, you wrote what you objected to, as well as why? Isn't the point of a blog (as opposed to a file on your own computer that no one else can read) to communicate?

  2. B"H

    The Passuk and the pictures was sent to me by a friend who took it from a haredi forum.

    No, I don't think that the Pope is making a Synagogue Tamei but I don't think his visit is appropriate.
    First of all, the Vatican keeps all kinds of original Jewish scriptures in its hidden places. Many even say that the Temple Menorah is also in the hands of the Vatican.
    Every year, the two Israeli chief rabbis travel to Rome and try convincing the Pope to return the stolen objects but the Pope refuses. Not even for money from the State of Israel.

    Secondly the Vatican wants to turn Pius XII. into one of their holy figures although it is well - known and Pius did nothing in order to save Jews from Hitler's gas chambers.

    Missionaries are of course a subject and the church is still wishing Jews not believing in the church to hell.

    Otherwise I am sure that most blog readers got the message of the Passuk. The Haredim in their forum understood and the message was clear !