Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Gerrer Chuppah


Years ago already, the present Gerrer Rebbe has banned the Internet from his group. Group members who want to use it, need a permission from the Rebbe. Otherwise the use of the Internet is forbidden. Chassidut Gur is not interested in launching its own website or any other related site.

As an "outsider" I always feel sorry for the bride under the Chuppah when it comes to certain chassidic groups. She is totally covered and sees nothing. I witnessed this a few times: e.g. in Toldot Aharon and in Vishnitz (Bnei Brak). I do not know how the bride feels but surely, she was prepared for this kind of situation. Maybe she is so excited that she does not even think of it too much. The same, by the way, at the Mitzveh Tanz.

Chassidut Gur has a structure of an army and everything is well organized. So far, I have not been to their Synagogue and just know their Batei Midrash from the outside. To the Rebbe's Tish I cannot go anyway, as women are not allowed in.

I know some Gerrer Chassidim though but only men. They talk to me when we are not necessarily in public. As soon as we meet outside in the street, they suddenly hardly say "Shalom". Due to strict modesty reasons and no one should witness them talking to a strange woman. So far, I have not been in touch with any Gerrer women and thus have no idea how they feel and react.

A grandson of the previous Gerrer (Gur) Rebbe (Pnei Menachem) is getting married.

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