Friday, January 8, 2010

Shabbat Shalom


I haven't had too much time to write this week although I was very much dealing with the haredi world. On Wednesday I met the Gur runaway Sarah Einfeld and I will see her again soon.
Those guys calling her nuts are totally wrong. She is a very nice person and if Gur had made any early effort to keep her and not just marry her off with a Shidduch she hardly knew, who knows … Things may have turned out different.

I am staying in Tel Aviv this Shabbat and here, the day of rest starts a little later than in Jerusalem. The weather is great. Sunny and warm compared to Europe and the US where I heard it is freezing.

Shabbat starts in half an hour and I have been so busy the whole day that I am not sure yet whether I can just rest and have all this spiritual feeling within seconds. The Carmel Market where I just finished by shopping was packed. Dizengoff Center (mall) was flooded with people. The Tel Avivim know how to enjoy themselves on a Friday. "La'asot Chaim - Have a Life !"
Whereas in Jerusalem everyone is in a Shabbat rush, Tel Aviv is relaxed and I felt a kind of displaced with all my running around.

A relaxed SHABBAT SHALOM (Gut Schabbes) to all of you !

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