Monday, January 18, 2010

SRUGIM - סרוגים


For about six months, the TV series "SRUGIM" has been running on the Israeli TV. The series concentrates on the young (very) modern - Orthodox single societz in Jerusalem's neighbourhoods Katamon / German Colony. Emek Refa'im Street is appearing all the time.

The video below gives you a brief impression. Young national religious Jews looking for a Shidduch. In contrast to haredi society, those characters in "SRUGIM" don't take the modesty rules that seriously.

The funniest part is the Shidduch meeting where all participants sit in a cafe and every few minutes, they have to switch their conversation partner. People tell each others background. One comes from Petach Tikvah and believes that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is the Meshiach, etc.

The series is in HEBREW only (with Hebrew subtitles) !

The second video:

The boyfriend of one of the two female flatmates stayed overnight. This causes a modesty dispute. Furthermore, although the guy stayed overnight, he is not ashamed to ask for Tefillin in the morning. Showing the attitude of the very modern - Orthodox: They don't have a problem with staying overnight and though break the modesty rules but, on the other hand, they want to put on Tefillin.

Finally the guy gets his Tefillin from the female neighbour and accuses her of being a Reform lesbian.

On the one hand, breaking the rules himself and on the other hand accusing others of misbehaviour.

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