Monday, January 11, 2010

Wanna have Fun ?


Haredim are actually human beings, believe it or not. Once I heard from Rabbi Motti Berger (Aish HaTorah) that humans were created in order to have pleasure in this world. Enjoy the world but don't forget the Mitzvot. However, G - d created this world for pleasure and we should enjoy His creation.

Enjoying life doesn't mean to dump religion and G - d !
Nevertheless, there are quite a few Haredim who dream about "normal" pleasure. Just go out, dance and without any society rules chasing after them. Just being yourself and not another brick in the haredi wall. Find out about your own personality and simply enjoy life.

However, not too many Haredim can openly do so but are forced to hide. It is not a secret that for many years, various Haredim have been going out especially on Thursday nights. Taking off the haredi dress, putting on something else and go into a bar to have fun. Okay, not always too modest but sometimes in life you feel like doing something otherwise you would go insane.

Here is one example of doing so:

Haredim going out once a week in order to keep their balance on all the other days of the week.
Is there anything wrong being human ?


  1. had to be a chabadnik....

  2. nothing wrong as long as ur within the guidlines.............

  3. Yes, and no! Yes, nothing is wrong with having kosher fun, on the contrary, its encouraged. But whats been bothering me, is the fact the people think that in order to have fun, they have to hide being frum, such as switching clothing etc. In my opinion its nonsence!

  4. That's great! He wouldn't let him in WITHOUT the yarmulke.

  5. B"H

    Well, Chabad is looking for outreach wherever they can.:-)))

    Those meetings in Mendy's Bar are usually not too much within the guidelines. Example: Men and women dancing together. Dancing together without being married to each other.

    However, if the bar is not open on Shabbat, it may have a Rabbanut Hechsher.:-)

    The main reason for those Haredim going into this kind of specific bar is an escape from their closed strict society. Mostly on Thursday nights they change their close. Into jeans and women into shorter skirts and even taking of their Sheitels (wigs). They come from Bnei Brak or Jerusalem; some are even Rabbis or children of Rabbis.
    What they are looking for is freedom for a few hours. Danicing with someone without thinking about modesty rules. Just be like everyone else and not restricted.

    It doesn't mean that these Haredim run away from society or G - d. They "only" take some hours off and then go back to the frum life. Some even claim that this particular Thursday is "saving" their lives.

    I will have a look around and try to get into one of those clubs. Not in order to spy but just to see the atmosphere.