Monday, January 11, 2010

The Surface of the Sun


One of the most popular philosophical questions is whether there is a G - d. Can there be a G - d with all the mess and disasters on earth ? Do we humans tend to look for a higher being in order to find some kind of orientation ? Are we just looking for an image in order to put a piece of meaning into our lives ?

The most popular answer among the Baal Teshuva movement is:
"Only us waking up in the morning is a proof that there is a G - d. Look at the stars, the moon, the sun, the entire universe. Who keeps everything alive ? 
Only G - d is able to do so".

The argument may sound a bit too easy. Enough to please Baalei Teshuva but could it really be true ?

Why not ?

In my free time (if there is any) I have been dealing as much as I can with astronomy. I am not one of those standing everywhere with a telescope but I do surf around the net and have a look at NASA or further scientific sites. By dealing with this kind of subject, I became more aware of what our universe means. How vulnerable it is and what an amazing level or perfection it must have taken to create it. By studying about the planets, the atmosphere and chemical elements in space one can easily come to the conclusion that this can only function because there is a perfect Creator (G - d).

Our planet was perfectly designed for us humans. Where else could we live ? Maybe on Mars but this is not as easy at it seems.
Planet Earth was created with a special atmosphere for us. A shield protecting us from meteorites and debris from space. We have water, air and food. Where else do you find this in the whole universe ?

Can everything just be an accident ? 
A Big Bang without any cause or goal ?

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