Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mini in Beit Yaakov ?


The above note was published on an Israeli haredi forum a few days ago. A Beit Yaakov (haredi girls's seminary) sent one of the girls home because the skirt she wore was too short. In the note to the parents it says that a proper and modest Beit Yaakov skirt has to cover the knees and its length must be at least 17 cm above the ground.

One of my blog readers sent me the photo from the forum today and asked for my opinion on this matter. I had not put the picture into the blog before because the comments in the forum said, among others, that this particular seminary in Bnei Brak (run by Rabbi Wolf) is weird anyway. Furthermore, the incident already happend a while ago.

However, I changed my mind and put it into the blog, as the subject itself is quite interesting. It is nothing unusual that Beit Yaakov girls (to be recognized by their blue school uniform) are being sent home for immodest clothes or behaviour. I heard about one girl being sent home from her Beit Yaakov in Ge'ulah (haredi part of Jerusalem) because the was chatting to her classmates about listening to secular Israeli pop music.

I know a totally haredi family in Jerusalem's haredi Sanhedria neighbourhood and their daughter was once sent home because she wore sneakers in class. The teacher told the mother on the phone that her daughter is being sent home in order to change the shoes into something proper.

What my opinion is ?
As soon as you are a Beit Yaakov student you should know the rules. And the rules say "modesty - zniut". If a girl doesn't like it, well, then she should change the school.
I know she cannot do so because society demands a Beit Yaakov for Shidduch, reputation, you name it. Nevertheless, the girl may wear her sneakers after school but has to behave in the classroom. I don't see another possibility because the school system won't change.

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  1. 17 cm below the knee and not as stated