Sunday, January 10, 2010

אין כמו תל אביב


Ejn Kmo Tel Aviv = There is nothing like Tel Aviv

The local part of last Friday's MAARIV weekend edition included an article about young "Birthright - Taglit" participants who decided to stay in Israel. Mainly in Tel Aviv.
Young Americans love the city because, in a way, it reminds them of New York. They start studying at Tel Aviv University or in Herzliya and just love the white city. Those youngster learn Hebrew and are willing to adjust to Israeli society and not being one of those making Aliyah and never get the Hebrew language done.

They love the "real" Israeli society and not the propaganda "Birthright - Taglit" likes to show them. "How much "Adon Olam" can one sing ?", one of those interviewed Americans asked. "Birthright takes you to all kinds of holy places in order to strengthen your Jewish identity but they don't show you the real Israel and its inhabitants. This means missing out society and going back home with the Hora dancing mentality".

Furthermore, the article mentioned that more and more new Olim Chadashim (new immigrants) settle in Tel Aviv. Jerusalem seems to be a kind of OUT. The real Israeli life takes place in Tel Aviv and what I like about the city at the sea is its vitality. The Jerusalem mentality is more: "Well, lets sit and wait until something is happening !"
Tel Aviv, on the other hand, is full of energy and people are inventive and creative. They just don't sit and tell themselves: "Ejn ma la'asot - There is nothing we can do !"

Yes, there is, but move your bud !

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