Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Haredim against "Yesh"


The latest Mea Shearim flyer (front and backpage) is warning the supermarket chain "Yesh" to continue having it's products delivered from companies working on Shabbat. I found one of those flyers in Malchei Israel Street (Ge'ulah / Jerusalem) last Friday night.

However, it wasn't clear to me if the so - called "Mishmeret HaShabbat HaArzit" who published the flyer is warning "Yesh" because the supermarket itself is producing items on Shabbat or rather its suppliers.

"Yesh" belongs to the Israeli supermarket chain "Supersal" and was founded for the haredi public in order to cause competition to the existing haredi chain "Shefa Shuk".
"Shefa Shuk" was boycotted by Chassidut Gur and some other haredi groups because their branch "AM:PM" is open on Shabbat. As a result, "Supersal" saw its chance and founded "Yesh. Nevertheless, "Yesh" has never become as productive as "Shefa Shuk". Now, even "Yesh" is finding itself under haredi attack.

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