Monday, May 10, 2010

Arabs vandalized ancient Jewish cemetery in Hebron


The Israeli press prefers to stay away from the incident and has hardly published anything. If so, only in small print. Other do, such a "Atlas Shrugs" from the US.

The ancient cemetery of Hebron has been vandalized and the Jewish inhabitants suspect arson done by the Arabs. Hebron is an ancient Jewish town and each of us knows it from the Torah. However, today Hebron is mainly Arab, as Netanyahu returned most of the town to the Arabs in the late 90ies. When you take a trip to Hebron you will find the army at every street corner on the Jewish part. The Jewish part is tiny and only consists of the "Ma'arat HaMachpelah - Cave with the graves of the forfathers / foremothers including the ones from Adam HaRishon and Eve (Chava)". Down the street you find a small cafe and a little further the Jewish Yishuv. 

In case you are Jewish, you should ask every soldier you see for the right way because as soon as you enter the Arab section, you may be dead. The Arab population, on the other hand, is allowed to enter the Jewish part of the Hebron freely. 

Now the cemetery, whose location is outside the Jewish part, was burnt. An ancient cemetery with graves of famous Rabbis such as the "Chesed Avraham" (Rabbi Avraham Azoulai) and others. The Israeli police has, so far, been ignoring the fact that apparently Arabs burnt the graves. "Some children were just playing", so the police. Nevertheless, the Jews in charge of the cemetery claim to have videos which show that Arabs burnt the cemetery on purpose.  

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