Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photos from the Moshe Hirsch Shiva


Moshe Hirsch, a former head of the two Neturei Karta branches in Mea Shearim, passed away on Lag Ba'Omer. Here are some photos from his Shiva in Mea Shearim and you can see that Yoelish Kroisz (from the other Neturei Karta branch, sitting to the far right) has also arrived at the Shiva.

All photos from the Shiva may be viewed HERE !

I have to add that I do not support the extreme ideology of Moshe Hirsch at all ! One may be as anti - Zionist as it pleases him but working together with the Palestinian enemy against the Jews is disgusting !


  1. Have the larger Neturei karta group distanced themselves from the smaller Neturei karta group like the Eda haredit did?

  2. B"H

    That's what I thought but then I saw Yoelish Kroisz (from the competitor Neturei Karta group in Mea Shearim) sitting at the Shiva.