Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cohanim cannot enter Tiberias


It is Lag Ba'Omer today and 100,000 Jews have already arrived in Meron celebrating through the night. What is very unusual is the fact that it has been raining last night and this probably wasn't too good for the bonfires.

Mea Shearim organized its own "KOSHER" buses going to Meron and warning Haredim to use the "unkosher" and "immodest" Egged buses. There were also Pashkevilim warning Cohanim (Priests) not to enter Tiberias (at the Sea of Galilee) but take another route around the town. Unfortunately, those Pashkevilim did not give any reason for that and I would like to ask my readers.

Does anyone know why Cohanim are not allowed to enter Tiberias on the way to Meron ? Is it because there is a cemetery in the city center or because there is a suspicion that many dead bodies from the ancient days haven't been discovered yet ?

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