Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"CHAG SAMEACH - Happy Shavuot !"


King David as well as the Baal Shem Tov passed away on Shavuot. Chassidic communities celebrate Shavuot with special Tishes of their Rebbes and Mea Shearim will be busy as well.
Another tradition is eating dairy products on Shavuot. If you are in Israel and you haven't bought your dairy stuff yet, prices will be extremely high today. The shops want to make their profits and a holiday is always used as an opportunity.

Temperature went down a lot. From 34, 30 degrees to around 20 degrees Celsius. The perfect weather and those Jews going to pray their Shacharit at the Kotel (Western Wall) tomorrow morning won't melt away as soon as the sun is coming out.

I don't know who published this Pashkevili but there are some of this kind hanging on the Mea Shearim walls. "Modest Jewish Daughters" are asked to stay at home until 10am on Wednesday morning. Not home but refraining from going to the Kotel. Too much "Prostitution - Prizut - Immodest Behaviour" would be going on early in the morning, as thousands of Jews make their way through the Jewish Quarter down to the Wall. The alleyways are very narrow and thus men and women pass each other too tight. So, the very modest woman should wait until the masses are gone. I suppose that most Chassidim pray Shacharit in their Batei Mirdash anyway.

I may be not too modest but I am still refraining from going to the Kotel. It is far too crowded and you cannot really concentrate on the prayers. However, it is still great seeing so many Jews praying at the same place.

"Chag Samaech - Happy Shavuot" and lets all try to take some Torah giving spirituality into our daily lives.

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