Monday, May 3, 2010

A Toldot Aharon Bochur has to keep his eyes closed


When the Toldot Aharon left Mea Shearim for Meron, their windows on the buses were covered with curtains. Instead of admiring the great landscafe by traveling to Meron, the Chassidim saw nothing but fabric. Their Yeshiva heads even decided to introduce a 200 Shekel (approx. 50 Dollar) fine for those Yeshiva students who don't watch their eyes.

Every group has the right to decide whatever they want but when I took this information from the Israeli "Chadrei HaCharedi" site, I read the comments with great interest. The result has been so far that other Haredi react in a negative way to this decision and extremism.

Only because you keep your eyes closed and don't look at women or any temptations doesn't fade away your Yetzer. G - d placed us in this world to live in it and not in order to hide ourselves in a pit.

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