Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hebrew Book Week 2010


The famous annual Hebrew Book Week is going to start this Wednesday, 2nd June 2010. Unfortunately, I am only able to offer you the offical website in Hebrew ! 
Many larger Israeli cities such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Kfar Saba, etc. offer Book Week events. Jerusalem's book fair is taking place at the "Gan HaPa'amon - Bell Garden" and Tel Aviv's location is Kikar Rabin. Moreover, many local cafes such as the Jerusalem cafe / restaurant "Tmol Shilshom" offer discussions with famous Israeli authors. 

The annual Hebrew Book Week has always been an important event where the masses were buying books for reasonable prices. In general, Hebrew books are rather expensive and a trip to the Book Fair was worth the time and money. 
In recent years, however, the largest Israeli book chains "Steimatzky" as well as "Zomet HaSefarim" have been selling books for such low prices that even famous authors won't make a living anymore. Four books for a hundred Shekels where usually one book is already a hundred Shekels (approx. 25 Dollar). Israeli authors have been complaining about this kind of dumping policy for along time but the public loves it. 

Nevertheless, before going to the actual book fair, you should definitely have a look at Zomet HaSefarim (Jerusalem: Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv: Dizengoff Center) first.

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