Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are the Sikarikim taking over ?


Over the past year I have seen so many burning trash cans that I am not interested anymore in going to any further demonstrations. How much smelly burning garbage can you face ?

This morning, I have seen pictures of yesterday's demonstration in Yaffo. Some Toldot Aharon were there and Satmar. I also noticed a few Baalei Teshuva on the photos. Those are easy to recognize, as they just look a little diffrent even when they try to belong to society. As hard as they try, you can mostly see who is who.

Not too much going on in Yaffo yesterday and not too many Haredim showed up demonstrating against the non - halachic (by archeologists) relocation of Jewish dead bodies.

Two days ago, a wild demonstration in Mea Shearim (at the Kikar Shabbat) took place. There are haredi sources claiming that buses were stopped by the Sikarikim (extreme fanatics). A small group simply making noise and giving anyone else a bad reputation.

Avi Nimrad, a journalist at Israel's haredi radio channel "Kol HaRamah" said that the wild Kikar Shabbat demonstration was mainly started by Shababnikim (Haredim who don't act religious anymore but dress haredi). Those Shababnikim were looking for action and started a mess with the police on the back of the local haredi population.

Avi Nimrad asked the question "Why this is happening and if famous leading Rabbis cannot stop such nonsense of a few freaks ?" First he spoke to Yehudah "Meshi" Zahav who said that those people burning garbage and making a fuss are nuts and when it is getting too much, leading Rabbis are going to interfere and tell them to shut up.

It was interesting hearing this from Meshi Zahav because it was him who ran violent demonstration when he was young. Together with the former Neturei Karta leader, Rabbi Amram Blau (Bloi), who passed away in 1974, Meshi Zahav was a wild boy and participated in many beatings with the police. Later on, he founded ZAKA and now he seems to be much more open minded.

However, Avi Nimrad had the same idea and asked Meshi Zahav about his youth. The answer was that, according to Zahav, those days were different and not that violent as today.

Afterwards Avi Nimrad spoke to Rabbi Shmuel Pappenheim, a Toldot Aharon Chassid and spokesman of the Edah HaCharedit. However, Pappenheim said that even those crazy demonstration of Shababnikim (or whoever it was) would be necessary, as the police arrest countless demonstrating Haredim and any demonstration does show a protest against those acts.

Avi Nimrad did not agree with that kind of opinion and cut off Pappenheim. Actually the upcoming news gave him a perfect excuse for doing so.


The wild Kikar Shabbat demonstration. Whoever wants to see more photos may have a look HERE !

Some people claim to know who the Sikarikim (extremists) are and others just keep quiet in order to mind their own business. No one really wants them. Especially not when they stop buses, as it happened in the nearby Rehov HaNevi'im two weeks ago, and taking off advertising posters from Egged buses just because they show some bare female feet.

Last week, Sikarikim from Beit Shemesh yelled at a few haredi women because they were sitting outside on benches (in Ramat Beit Shemesh). Exposing oneself on a bench (sitting on a public bench as a woman) would be prostitution (Pritzut). After the women had left, those Sikarikim tried to take the benches apart so that no one else may sit on them.

It looks like people just get sick in their minds ! Those few nutty characters are about to destroy the reputation of the entire haredi society. Is no one there to speak up ?


  1. While I do not agree with everything that happens at hafganot, what is wrong with stopping traffic or busses? It is a very effective measure at bringing things to a stand still and forcing the medina and powers that to be to cooperate.
    Let's say I live in Meah Shearim and I dont attribute any legitimate power to the medina...
    Now, those that are in charge of my schuna tell me to protest. So I protest. I wouldn't really care that obstructing traffic is against the law of the medina because their laws do not matter. What matters is that in my schuna we paskened that you have to protest, and closing the streets of our schuna is a method of protesting.


  2. B"H

    Despite all kinds of arguments, a demonstration in Israel has never ever helped causing something. Neither a secular nor a national religious one.

    With this I want to express that demonstrations are usually useless.:-))) At least in our country.

    Everyone can protest and stop buses, as long as I am not on that bus and in a hurry getting somewhere. However, what about all the burning melting trash cans ?
    If you look around in Mea Shearim these days, you will see the neighbourhood garbage laying in the streets because all the trash cans melted away and the municiplaity is sick of providing new ones every few months.

    A fact which even the haredi press criticises is that Shababnikim or people who are obviously looking for action took part in the Kikar Shabbat demonstration three days ago.

    On the other hand, look at the peaceful Satmar and Toldot Aharon demonstration in Yaffo two days ago. They set a great example by remaining peaceful and praying.

  3. Feiv,
    you don't know the traffic in Israel. Most likely the hareidi taliban will be just run over because nobody cares, if the zionist police wouldn't prtect them.

  4. Uri, I lived in Israel and have been to many Hafganos. I personally sat in the street on the entrance to Yerushalayim to protest the removal of Jews from Beis Shalom in Chevron.

    On a separate occasion a police officer beat me over the head and threw me down a flight of stairs for being guilty of standing on a parking deck with other chassidim while shouting and chanting.

    The Police in EY behave like pigs.