Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Fight about Jerusalem


Already last night, the traditional celebrations for today's "YOM YERUSHALAIM" began. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the national religious "Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva" (in Jerusalem) in order to celebrate with the students and give a speech. Apparently the speech was very patriotic and, of course, in favour of a united Jerusalem. This is what Netanyahu usually says. What he doesn't say or avoids to do is making a CLEAR statement about the future of the Holy City. Is he going to freeze further housing plans or not. What about the haredi neighbourhood of Ramat Shlomo or the secular part Gilo ? Is he going to give in to everything Barak Hussein Obama demands ? Everything in favour of the Arabs ? 

Netanyahu has a few patriotic speeches prepared and he is always ready to give one of them but how about reality ? Was giving back Hebron (in 1996) a patriotic thing to do ?

Yesterday a Chabad Rabbi asked Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav to cancel Netanyahu's arrival but, instead, the Yeshiva celebrated together with the Prime Minister. However, there are plenty of speculations going around that Netanyahu has already come to a secret agreement with Hussein Obama dividing Jerusalem and freezing the building of more neighbourhoods in favour of the Palestinians. As soon as Netanyahu feels that the time is right, he will let us all know and I am sure that he has a "patriotic" way to explain it to the Jerusalemites.

Middle: Benjamin Netanyahu
Left: The present Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Jonah Metzger
Right, behind the flag: The former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi and present Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Rabbi Israel Lau.

Mercaz HaRav students celebrating Netanyahu last night.

Photos: Kikar Shabbat 

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