Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Disgrace: The Neturei Karta receives Palestinian Politicians at the Moshe Hirsch Shiva


The disgrace:
Relatives of Moshe Hirsch and further Neturei Karta supporters received politicians from the Palestinian authority at the Shiva in Mea Shearim. Moshe Hirsch passed away on Lag Ba'Omer (he had been suffering from Alzheimer for a couple of years) and his Neturei Karta branch favours the destruction of Israel and a country under Palestinian reign.

How long, do you think, would you be able to survive if a Arab mob comes along ?


Moshe Hirsch used to be a minister in Arafat's cabinett in Ramallah.



  1. I can understand the groups who want a state under Torah, but my mind just won't accept these people who kiss Arafat and hope for the destruction of the Jewish people. Regardless of their belief, it is just wrong. Sadly, these few nuts seem to get all the press, and the truly good people are sidelined.

  2. B"H

    I understand the anti - Zionist point of view but kissing Arafat and working together with people who are responsible for the killing of countless Jews just disgusts me.

    A leading Israeli Rabbi demanded not to bury Moshe Hirsch on a JEWISH cemetery. And he was right for asking so.