Friday, May 28, 2010

The Meshiach at the Beach


Suffering from a cold, as weather is changing in Israel. The mornings in Jerusalem are still cold but when you you leave the house for work, you mostly do so without warmer clothes, because after one or two hours it is boiling hot. This is exactly what I did. Not wearing too much but going out into the cold and catching one.

In the late afternoon as well as in the evening, I was at the beach in Tel Aviv yesterday. Just laying there and breathing some nice humid air. A drunk South African tourist was staggering around and almost fell on me.

"Wanna hear something funny, he asked. The Meshiach has just appeared to me a few meters away. There is a guy walking around at the beach claiming he is the Meshiach and he told me to go into the water in order to find healing".

I also wanted to see the Meshiach but couldn't find him anymore. He was gone but, hey..., what about my healing from the cold ?

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