Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Huge Edah HaCharedit Demonstration in Yaffo today


Chassidut Satmar (Jerusalem) together with the Edah HaCharedit is announcing a huge demonstration in Yaffo (next to Tel Aviv) today. Unfortunately, I cannot go and report about the event, as I am stuck at work in Jerusalem. However, when you listen to the Israeli haredi radio channel "Kol HaRamah", you receive reports from haredi journalists who got arrested by the police. Just because they are Haredim or because they filmed the police beating haredi demonstrators ? Who can say that for sure ?

Even if I was there, I could not get through, as the police is blocking everything.

The reason for the Yaffo demonstration (near the harbour) are more ancient JEWISH graves which are supposed to be removed. Not in a halachic way, according to the Israeli government.

Last night, I listened to "Kol HaRamah" where a haredi journalist claimed the following:

The graves in Yaffo are definitely JEWISH and no archeologist can lie about the fact this time. In the past, archeologists drew crosses on Jewish graves just to make people believe that certain graves were pagan and not Jewish. In Yaffo, however, is nothing to lie about but the Israeli government insists on removing the bones in a non - halachic way.

Today, Satmar as well as the Toldot Aharon are arriving for a huge demonstration from Jerusalem. It is said that the head of the Edah HaCharedit, Rabbi Tuvia Weiss, will also arrive but I couldn't find out when exactly this is going to take place.

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